The statistics are disheartening. Upward of 15% of Mecklenburg County households are considered food insecure, which means, “They lack reliable access to nutritional food.” Nearly 480,000 children in North Carolina suffer from real hunger and go to bed without food. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland delved into this issue with Truman Lewis, Executive Director […]

Without question, young African American men face a myriad of challenges.  In a society that often see black men as a threat, expendable and in many ways a labor pool to be exploited, there’s a heavy lift for organizations working diligently to change the narrative.  My Brother’s Keeper – Charlotte/Mecklenburg is doing extraordinary work challenging […]

It’s a safe bet that many Americans are unfamiliar with the story of King Abubakari of the Mali Empire.  It’s especially unfortunate that many African Americans are unaware that Abubakari sailed to the United States 181 years before Christopher Columbus – leading upward of 2,000 boats across the sea in 1311.  Activist and Author, Sakari […]

The capacity for humanity to experience growth from the rigid adherence of tradition and social constructs that bolsters division, fissures and schisms is contingent on a personal willingness to change.  In a society fractured by class, wealth gaps; the fallacy of racial superiority and the unquenchable lust for power, what will it take for humanity to evolve into permanent notions of peaceful interaction and relationships? 'COMMUNITY VOICES' host, Ron Holland delved into this issue with with University Lecturer,  Dr. Joel Bryant, Ed.D., author of the 40+ books, including his latest project, The New Being: Preparing for the Emergence of a New Humanity.

There are far too many children in our communities struggling with both inadequate internet access and purchasing computers that will help bolster academic excellence.   Whether these children are from rural communities or urban areas, the dearth of computers and internet access strikes a similar chord.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host Ron Holland delves into the issue with […]

Dr. William F. Alleyne II, MD, FCCP has a clear and unequivocal message to share about stopping the spread of the Coronavirus: Wear a mask! With over 240,000 Americans dead from the Coronavirus and the United States fast approaching 11 million cases, Dr. Allenye of the Carolina Pulmonary Physicians wants all Americans to take precautions […]

  With over 95 million votes cast in early and vote-by-mail, strong voter turnout is essential for the Biden/Harris ticket to secure both the Electoral Collage and Popular vote.  It’s anticipated vote counts can exceed 156 million when the dust settles. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host Ron Holland talks with award winning actress, producer and political activist, […]

There’s a host of non-profit organizations in Charlotte and surrounding communities doing really great work.  One such organization, APPARO assists other nonprofits with having greater impact in the communities they serve.  The ‘A Better World’ nonprofit for example is serving young people in West Charlotte with physical, mental and spiritual development.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron […]

The decline in Covid-19 testing in Charlotte’s African American community has prompted healthcare professionals to explore the myriad of reasons why a drop has occurred and to remedy the problem.  According to state health officials in North Carolina, over 2,600 people have died from the Covid-19, and nearly 161,000 people have tested positive for the […]

Despite efforts to change the negative interactions between African Americans and police, social media is replete with video footage that suggests the problem will persist for a long time.  Still, the Black Lives matter movement forges ahead with efforts to have this nation respect the lives and dignity of African Americans.  Local and national law […]

Rep. Carla Cunningham of the 106th District in the North Carolina House of Representatives, Joan Been, President and CEO of Living Waters, Inc. and Dr. Sonyia C. Richardson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Educator and Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte have all dedicated years advocating for mental health and awareness.  Whether in the state legislature, classroom […]

The police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin further exacerbate mistrust of law enforcement and is fueling protests. Over the last few months, global protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd ignited conversations about race, police reform and negative interactions between law enforcement and the black community. African Americans are making it […]