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About Ron Holland

Ron is the host of the Public Affairs show, 'COMMUNITY VOICES' on Radio One Charlotte’s, 105.3 RNB, Praise 100.9 and 92.7 The Block. He’s also an Assistant Production Manager for all three stations, as well as a Producer and Board Operator. Ron hosted ‘Let's Talk News,’ a weekly Public Affairs show that aired on 88.1 FM, WYGG in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Ron's show aired for four years, ending in 2005 when he relocated to Charlotte, NC. Ron is a graduate of the Carolina School of Broadcasting where he also hosted a weekly broadcast at the school’s 89.3 the Storm radio station.

In addition to his work in Radio, Ron is the author of the book, ‘The Fire In My Words: The Anthology of a Social Provocateur – Volume I.’ Ron is a former Reporter for three New Jersey newspapers: The Asbury Park Press (the 2nd largest daily newspaper in New Jersey), The Shoreview Weekly News and City News of Newark, New Jersey. Ron also published his own Christian newspaper, ‘Faith & Works News,’ which was distributed to 42 churches in the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey, Neptune Township and surrounding communities.

Affordable housing for low income families and homelessness continues to bedevil the Queen City. Resources for the formerly incarcerated and a myriad of health challenges for residents of Charlotte is also a challenge. Truman Lewis, Executive Director of the Shining Light Transitional Home for Young Adults and his partnerships with Gaffney’s Health Services and the […]

For people with Sickle disease, thousands of blood transfusions can occur in their life time.  With African Americans being disproportionately impacted by Sickle Cell disease, it’s critical that a robust blood supply is available to alleviate the debilitating pain associated the disease.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host Ron Holland, talked with Hope Martin, American Red Cross ‘Emerging […]

Hundreds of people in Charlotte and surrounding communities are in desperate need of having mental health challenges addressed. While treatment costs skyrocket and bed shortages continue to plague facilities and emergency rooms, eradicating stigma is one of the biggest challenges mental health advocates contend with. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland delves into this issue with […]

The foundation of effective communication is the art of listening. While yelling and talking over someone during a discussion has become a mainstay in society, the result is often hostility, tension, and unresolved issues. Dr. Joel Tudman addresses these issues in his new book, Listen Learn Love Speak: A Guide to Communicating Openly.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ […]

Larry Swayne’s Wingzza Mambo Sauce continues to delight customers craving for something savory and tangy to pair with steak, chicken wings, hamburger and a host of other favorites of the grilling season. Featured on shows – including the Food Network’s ”Food Court Wars’ and the Cooking Channel’s ‘Pizza Outside the Box,’ Swayne’s culinary journey has […]

  If you’ve ever wanted to help someone in need, a homeless person or family; a person recently released from prison, or a family enduring financial challenges, but your resources or personal finances are limited, the Shining Light Transitional Home for Young Adults is providing a way for you to extend your heart. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ […]

For the Pi Phi Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., celebrating the gifts and talents of our young people is crucial to their mission of service in the community. For 77 years, their annual talent hunt has featured some extraordinarily talented youth in the areas of music and Broadway. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES host, Ron […]

The pathway to success for black youth is often fraught with challenges.  However, attainable skills and education can open the doors to high-paying industries. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland talked 11 X internationally Best-Selling Author and certified Life/Relationship/Business Coach, with Dr. Michelle S. Thomas about the ‘Lights of Legacy’ internship program and upcoming ‘Lights of […]

  The statistics are disheartening. Upward of 15% of Mecklenburg County households are considered food insecure, which means, “They lack reliable access to nutritional food.” Nearly 480,000 children in North Carolina suffer from real hunger and go to bed without food. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland delved into this issue with Truman Lewis, Executive Director […]

  The Queen City is home to a growing community of authors and poets whose spoken word artistry is helping Charlotte to emerge as a destination for people with something profound to say. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES‘ host, Ron Holland talked with Best Selling Author, Brian Peay, founder/owner of Another Level Solutions, LLC about the upcoming Black […]

The Chaney family truly exemplifies the word, miracle.  Their triumph over a host of tragic circumstances demonstrates faith and perseverance. The painful experiences they’ve endured are featured in a compelling documentary, ‘Unbreakable Chane,’ directed and produced by filmmaker, Peachanda Dubose.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES host, Ron Holland talked with the Chaney family about their story – which includes health scares, tragic deaths, and […]

The practice of yoga comes in a variety of forms and disciplines, from the Bikram and Ashtaga to the Kundalini. The health benefits of this ancient practice are enormous.  If you’re having trouble with anxiety, arthritis, stress; and stiff joints, perhaps Yoga is for you. Coupled with healthy eating choices, yoga may also play a […]