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Ron is the host of the Public Affairs show, 'COMMUNITY VOICES' on Radio One Charlotte’s, 105.3 RNB, Praise 100.9 and 92.7 The Block. He’s also an Assistant Production Manager for all three stations, as well as a Producer and Board Operator. Ron hosted ‘Let's Talk News,’ a weekly Public Affairs show that aired on 88.1 FM, WYGG in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Ron's show aired for four years, ending in 2005 when he relocated to Charlotte, NC. Ron is a graduate of the Carolina School of Broadcasting where he also hosted a weekly broadcast at the school’s 89.3 the Storm radio station.

In addition to his work in Radio, Ron is the author of the book, ‘The Fire In My Words: The Anthology of a Social Provocateur – Volume I.’ Ron is a former Reporter for three New Jersey newspapers: The Asbury Park Press (the 2nd largest daily newspaper in New Jersey), The Shoreview Weekly News and City News of Newark, New Jersey. Ron also published his own Christian newspaper, ‘Faith & Works News,’ which was distributed to 42 churches in the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey, Neptune Township and surrounding communities.

The scourge of domestic violence continues to impact millions of families across the country.  Women are especially impacted, as well as children.  What might be a surprise to many people, men are also victims of domestic abuse.  The statistics bear witness to an ever-increasing bane on relationships – physical and verbal abuse leading to tremendous […]

  According to the Centers for Disease Control, “suicide rates for Black youth (ages 10-24) rose significantly from 2018 to 2021.” Additionally, black youth are grappling with anxiety and depression at rates higher than their peers in other ethnic and racial groups. Organizers of the 2023 Black Youth Wellness Summit in Charlotte are working to […]

The statistics are clear and disheartening, African Americans lag behind in a host of metrics – including homeownership. While black homeownership has increased in the last 10 years, it only represents a 0.4% increase – 29 percentage points less than White Americans (72.7%). Monique Winston, President and CEO of MWINS Consulting is working to close […]

The potential to earn a high five-figure salary in medical coding is enormous. Depending on the position, medical coders can earn upward of $75,000 annually. While training courses in the field of medical coding are plentiful, the upcoming Medical Coding Certification Hybrid CPC Prep Course provides a unique opportunity for looking to code. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ […]

  Wadesboro, NC has the unfortunate distinction of being considered the state’s most dangerous city per capita. The statistics are disheartening: For instance, the violent crime rate in Wadesboro in 2020  was 1,321. The U.S. average was 228.3. According to the ‘Citystistics’ website, the total crime rate in Wadesboro is 81 per 1,000 people “which […]

  The statistics of stroke in Black men are alarming. It isn’t just scary that strokes in black men are 50% higher in African American men than whites.  Black men are 70% more likely to die from stroke – according to the latest studies.  While strokes affect black women and all ethnic groups, black men […]

  Racial equity for African Americans in sports is the top priority of Gary Charles.  As founder and CEO of the Advancement of Blacks in Sports (ABIS), Charles’ mission is to provide black athletes with the tools they’ll need to navigate the financial terrain of sports, pursue leadership roles and effectively achieve full equality in […]

  The Queen City is home to a growing Caribbean community whose influence in art, food, music, and more is as much a part of the Charlotte mosaic as any other cultural group.  One of the major Caribbean organizations that are doing great work in heralding the Caribbean culture is the Caribean International Cultural Association. […]

  One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is securing finances to either launch or sustain a business. Studies suggest 10% of “startups fail within the first year.” Given these challenges and statistics, how do fledgling entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of business ownership? One way is through a novel approach touted by Donja Williams, Founder […]

  The Queen City Omegas of Charlotte Foundation is bringing the “ultimate experience with a purpose” event to Symphony Park on Saturday, July 29th. Themed Qleidoscope,” the event will feature National neo-soul artist Kindred the Family Soul, and a host of local talent – including comedians, musicians, and vendors. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland talked […]

Minister Shannon Antoinette is using her ministry and voice to inspire viewers to incorporate biblical principles into daily living. When Minister Antoinette launched her radio show, ‘I Am Resilient’ on Praise 100.9 in 2016, her behind-the-scenes challenges buttressed the title of her broadcast and the intent of her efforts – to persevere despite the circumstance(s).  […]

Dr. Tamesha Hughes-Frazier, Founder of Hughes Elite Scholars is helping college-bound students achieve their dreams. Through her Upward Bound and Pathways to Success programs, in addition to SAT prep courses and post-college initiatives, Dr. Frazier is providing the foundation students need to succeed in college and beyond. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES‘ host, Ron Holland talked with Dr. […]