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Sakari Milan

Source: Sakari Milan / Sakari Milan

It’s a safe bet that many Americans are unfamiliar with the story of King Abubakari of the Mali Empire.  It’s especially unfortunate that many African Americans are unaware that Abubakari sailed to the United States 181 years before Christopher Columbus – leading upward of 2,000 boats across the sea in 1311.  Activist and Author, Sakari Milan tells of this fascinating journey in her new children’s literature series, ‘The Tales of Camelia B: The Sea Surfers.’  Milan, an alumna of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, is committed to sharing our history with our youngest readers in an accessible, adventurous and fun way.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host Ron Holland, talked with Sakari Milan about her new books series, activism and efforts to help reshape our educational system.