2/3 of North Carolina's counties are back in the green for COVID-19 levels.

Health officials confirmed two cases of the West Nile Virus in Mecklenburg County.

Pharmacies in the Charlotte area offering the new COVID-19 booster, targeted at the Omicron BA.5 variant.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools officials discuss measures to prevent diseases from spreading.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system officials discussed monkeypox plans ahead of the first day of school.

Novant warned over 1 million customers that it may have sent their health information to Facebook.

The North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that nurses can be held legally liable for medical mistakes.

Mecklenburg County has reached 115 confirmed monkeypox cases.

The CDC has announced new guidelines for COVID-19.

The Monkeypox vaccine is not currently available in all North Carolina Counties.

Atrium Health earns multiple national honors by U.S. News & World.

Experts found that an increase in screen time during the pandemic may have damaged eyesight in some.