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Gratitude and inner peace in nature

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When the movie War Room premiered in 2015, viewers around the world were influenced to create a prayer closet. The film displayed how integral having a space solely dedicated to prayer and worship is in a Christian’s life. Similar to the original design of the Temple in the Bible, this specific place should be consecrated and considered holy as it is where you will retreat to commune with God. This can be a closet or corner. An outdoor space or any room in your home.

In the Bible, we often see Jesus go away after attending to a crowd, or wake up early in the morning to pray (Matthew 14:23, Mark 6:46-47, Luke 6:12, John 6:15). He was escaping the demands of this world to be refreshed and strengthened in the presence of God. This was imperative for Jesus as He was often burdened spiritually – by unbelievers and temptation – and naturally – by mockers and those seeking to take his life. Our circumstances may never be as dire as Jesus’, but following His example of getting away with God will be beneficial nonetheless.

If you’re seeking to carve out space and time to do the same, try a prayer garden.

Often found on church properties, prayer gardens have become havens of serenity, peace, and healing. They can have a quaint feel with subtle features like flower-lined paths mazing throughout with exits leading to benches, swings, and fountains. Or they can be vast and house powerful displays of God’s promises like in The Coming King Prayer Garden. The 24.5-acre property attracts tens of thousands annually with its main attractions, a blood red, 77-foot cross and statue of a man on a white horse symbolizing Jesus’s triumphant return as described in Revelation 19.

No matter the decorative route you take, remember the most important factor is that your prayer garden be a revered and intimate space for you and God.

How to Create a Prayer Garden:

To create a prayer garden, start by dedicating a desired space. Pray over it and ask God to join you there every time you go. Next, decide what you would like to include. Benches or a swing under a shady tree for comfort. A pond with small fish or fountain with a calming waterfall effect. Stones or bricks engraved with your favorite scriptures to add a personalized touch. Solar-powered lights and lamps that illuminate the space in the evening so your time in the garden isn’t relegated to only when the sun is out. Or perhaps a grassy area to lay out for devotional time.

If you don’t have an outdoor space to build a full prayer garden, the process of creating one starts the same. Choose and pray over a space with low traffic to prevent it from becoming common and allowing distractions. For the “garden” effect, add easy-to-care for indoor plants. Bring in fresh flowers weekly and include a small electric fountain. Engraved stones will still work well, however, swap solar-powered lights for twinkle or LED lights for a cozy feel.

Whether you decide on an indoor or outdoor garden, symbolize your growing relationship with God by planting a seed the first day you use the space. As you enjoy your prayer garden, your relationship with God will blossom and you will have the opportunity to watch your seed do the same.

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