Today's weather through the weekend

Charlotte's temperatures will soon be below freezing. Here are some safety tips.

The Charlotte area could see snow a couple of days before Christmas.

Residents in the Charlotte area should prepare for colder nights this week.

Here's how to report a power outage in North Carolina.

The Carolina Panthers are still set to play on Sunday despite Hurricane Ian.

The Taste of Charlotte food festival has been rescheduled due to bad weather.

A tropical storm warning has been issued for the Charlotte area as Hurricane Ian heads toward South Carolina.

Here are some hurricane preparedness tips as Hurricane Ian becomes a threat to North Carolina.

Schools in the Charlotte area are rescheduling football games due to Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian is beginning to impact flight travel.

The path of Hurricane Florence has shifted toward South Carolina as the National Weather Service warns it will be “the storm of a lifetime.” The latest forecast shows the storm’s path has shifted south and west, encompassing more of South Carolina and western North Carolina. The expected Category 4 hurricane will make landfall early Friday […]