Here are some hurricane preparedness tips as Hurricane Ian becomes a threat to North Carolina.

Schools in the Charlotte area are rescheduling football games due to Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian is beginning to impact flight travel.

The path of Hurricane Florence has shifted toward South Carolina as the National Weather Service warns it will be “the storm of a lifetime.” The latest forecast shows the storm’s path has shifted south and west, encompassing more of South Carolina and western North Carolina. The expected Category 4 hurricane will make landfall early Friday […]

Black residents are likely to get hit the hardest by the storm.

As Hurricane Florence makes her way towards The Carolinas, there are some tips you may need in order to get ready before the storm hits. Here are some tips to consider before the storm: To get ready for a hurricane: Build an emergency kit. Make a family communications plan. Know you’re the routes you need […]

Hurricane Florence is in the process of steering towards the Carolinas. Models are depicting a very interesting scenario resulting in the dreaded stall over the Carolinas. The location of this stall is a matter that is still quite uncertain at the current time. There have been some relatively significant changes in track over the past […]

Over 200 million Americans are experiencing dangerously cold weather conditions and may not see relief for at least another week.  New record lows include 23 below in National Mine, Michigan, and minus 36 in International Falls, Minnesota. In New Hampshire, the wind chill has temperatures registering at negative 89 degrees! Here in Charlotte, temperatures are […]

The Queen City could see the season’s first snow this weekend. Rain is likely Friday morning then a rain and snow mix is possible in the evening as the colder air works in.  We probably won’t accumulate over an inch nearer to city center, but areas north could see several inches.   A snow/rain mix is expected […]

We’re looking forward to keeping you informed on the forthcoming weather predicted for the weekend. One of our favorites is weatherman Brad Panovich, who provides these useful detailed updates from his Facebook page. Brad says right now it’s looking like parts of the Charlotte Metro area could see 6″ of snow. Check out the latest […]

Hurricane Nicole attained Category 4 status Wednesday night but weakened to a Category 3 storm Thursday, the hurricane center said.  A storm surge will raise water levels by 6 to 8 feet above normal tides and 5 to 8 inches of rain are expected to fall over Bermuda through Thursday evening. With winds increasing to 130 mph, the […]

Overnight, Hurricane Matthew dropped to Category 3 strength however, sustained winds of about 120 miles per hour are currently battering Florida’s coast. Over 700,000 residents are without power this morning, with the storm’s eye approaching within five miles of the coastline. Matthew is the most powerful Atlantic storm in years and is expected hit Georgia and the Carolinas this weekend. Officials currently put the death toll […]