Arkevious Armstrong

The challenges endured by caseworkers, counselors, social workers; therapists and teachers is enormous. Many of these professionals grapple with burnout, emotional exhaustion and caseload weariness.  This often leads to career changes, resignations, and early retirement. The Re-Charge Seminar sponsored by Arkinspire LLC, in conjunction with Anderson Counseling and Consulting Group PLLS plans to address these […]

Despite the myriad of challenges our young people face – whether in academics, socio-economics or peer pressure, a majority of our youth are  beating the odds.  This is due in large part to committed men engaged with the youth of our community and dedicated to seeing them achieve their goals.  “COMMUNTIY VOICES” host, Ron Holland […]

Mental and physical fitness is an essential weapon in our nation’s fight against Covid-19.  With so many people, especially our children required to reduce daily interactions and social distance, a huge danger exists of little to no physical activity.  This has a huge impact on mental health.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host Ron Holland talked with Arkevious […]