With multiple heat waves sweeping through the area, here's how to keep yourself healthy and beat the heat this summer.

Summer has officially graced us with her long-awaited presence, a season that means longer days of fun at amusement parks, days at the beach, and swimming pools for…

Many years ago the idea of someone putting a child on a leash would be an impossibility. It was unheard of. However, now placing a rambunctious child on a leash is leaning towards becoming the norm for some parents who feel that this is the only way that they can control their child. It is […]

Former gang leader Andre Norman spoke at a Saturday workshop put on by Charlotte's Mount Peace Missionary Baptist Association.

The deadline to return census forms has passed, but data collection continues. Starting May 1 in most areas, door-to-door census takers will fan out across the country. The census taking will continue through July. Be sure you know who's knocking on your door.

Is your vehicle involved?