Many years ago the idea of someone putting a child on a leash would be an impossibility. It was unheard of. However, now placing a rambunctious child on a leash is leaning towards becoming the norm for some parents who feel that this is the only way that they can control their child. It is as simple as buying it from your local variety store or ordering it online. Some critics think that this is barbaric and will lead to psychological issues in the child. While others think it is the newest product in child safety. Playing devil’s advocate, here are few reasons why placing your child on a leash may or may not be ideal.

Reasons Why A Placing A Child On A Leash Is Beneficial

1. It can help to maintain a toddler that is out of control or easily excited. Not every parent is equipped to handle a precocious child. This is a way to keep track of a child while in a public place who would otherwise run wild.

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2.There are GPS tracking agents on some of the newer child leashes. So if for any reason a parent looses track of their child while in public, the chances of them being found are much higher. You are constantly in connection with your child.

3. It virtually eliminates the possibilities of a child being kidnapped in a public place.

4. Leashes are affordable. You can buy a child leash for any where from $8.00 to $20.00. Not a bad price to pay for your child’s safety.

Reasons Not to Place A leash on your child

1. Being placed on a leash may affect a child’s self esteem. Especially if they see that other children are not on a leash. Or if they see animals being walked on a leash.

2. Others see you with your child on a leash could make the assumption that you are not a good parent and are unable to control your child.

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Is having a child on a leash something that could scar the child for life? Is it a reflection of the bad parenting or a way to keep your children safer? Do you judge parents when you see that they have their child on a leash?

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