It’s a new year and no better time to get your finances in order. Dr. Deena Carr joined today’s Tapping Into Your Fortune on ”The James…

I received this letter in my email and asked for some help from KD Bowe in answering it: Dear Melanie, I have a question for you. I discovered that my husband has some money that I didn’t know about. It is in an account that I am aware of, but the money, I didn’t know […]

It’s wedding season! And all we ever talk about is how much it costs to throw a wedding. But what about how much it costs to attend a wedding? That’s pretty expensive, too, right? A new American Express survey found the average wedding guest will spend, on average, $539 this year. That includes the price […]

The Guardian is reporting that a woman named “Sally Donaldson” (not her real name) ended up transferring her monthly paycheck into someone else’s bank account by accident. The British hairdresser, and mother of two, thought she was transferring her paycheck into the joint account she shares with her hubby, but she was one number off […]

What would you do if your boss, as a way of saying thank you while he prepared to retire, gave you a check for $26,000?

By Rashad Phillips There’s an old saying: “It isn’t what you know but who you know.” But as we move into 2012 and beyond, the new saying will be “It’s what you know and who you know.” Why? Because in this new economic environment, the average American doesn’t have access to the cash or credit […]

Every successful financial plan needs to have clean credit and a high FICO score.  If we are to see more home and business ownership having good credit is the first step towards accomplishing this goal.  Too many times I have personally seen many opportunities missed because we have not taken the time to “clean” our […]

It seems there is a disconnect from what is being covered by financial news and what the public is really concerned about. You can’t turn on the financial news networks without hearing questions such as the following: “Will the US raise its debt ceiling?” “Will the tax cuts for the rich be extended?” “Will the […]

Unemployment reaches record levels, the housing market is slow, and real wages haven’t increased in far too long.  Many are finding themselves discouraged and losing and faith for a better financial tomorrow.  However, an increased level of faith will allow all of our financial dreams and goals to come to fruition despite this recession. There […]

Once upon a time and not too long ago bad financial management use to only mean bad credit. Now not managing your finances can cause many issues including loss of employment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and even jail! More specifically we¹ve seen many celebrities fall victim to jail time for not paying their taxes. Ron Isley from […]

As a Christian mom, it’s important to remember that running a successful business at home often requires making some tough decisions. Money isn’t everything and should not necessarily be the primary factor in determining what sort of business to run from home.

Most Moms think about starting a business from home at one time or another. Maybe the kids have started school, and mom now has a lot of free time. Or perhaps mom was successful in Corporate America before having her first child, and wished to put her skills to good use in a business from […]