Here's Why Your Tax Refund May Be Smaller This Year

Tracking your expenses can create healthy money management.

Your rent can now be used to boost your credit score. Here's how.

In an effort to close the national wealth gap, seven black owned banks and Major League Soccer (MLS) announced a partnership last month.  For the first time in history, MLS will provide a $25 million grant to the National Black Bank Foundation (NBBF).  The partnership is described as a commercial financial transaction exclusively for Black […]

The current economy can strain any budget.  The feeling of ‘not knowing’ what to expect certainly is a factor. Check out the list of common mistakes that people make with their finances courtesy of Equifax. Spending more than you earn. Consider reducing spending on nonessential expenses and consider renegotiating contracts for your monthly bills like […]

A diverse group of religious leaders hosted a virtual ‘pray-in’ on Tuesday, 2/22/22, at 2PM to continue their protest of predatory lenders.  The group used the Scripture, Proverbs 22:22, ‘do not rob the poor because they are poor’ as the foundation of their platform.  The leaders are members of the Faith and Credit Roundtable, which is […]

McDonald’s has settled a racial discrimination lawsuit with Black franchisee Herb Washington. Washington, a former Oakland A’s outfielder, owned and operated 14 McDonald’s restaurants and was previously the fast-food chain’s largest Black franchisee in the country. He filed a lawsuit, accusing the fast-food chain of discrimination by having him purchase low-volume restaurants in Black neighborhoods […]

The IRS has released an online form that allows people to upload their bank account information so they can get their coronavirus stimulus payments faster. Paper checks, which could take months to arrive for some people. Log on here to see if you can expedite yours by sharing information with the IRS.

With many having lost jobs or worried about losing one soon,  financial strategy is more important than ever.  Financial expert Dave Ramsey says that hope is greater than fear and is doing his part to help you make sound decisions.   For 14 days,  Dave is offering his signature class, Financial Peace for free, saying “You […]