Here are some tips to help you save on your gas expenses.

The basics of financial literacy are simple: Budget your money, save, invest and manage debt and pay bills on time. However, millions of Americans, including middle class families and the working poor, devising a budget and managing debt can be quite a challenge. So, how do we individually and collectively navigate the often fraught financial […]

The current economy can strain any budget.  The feeling of ‘not knowing’ what to expect certainly is a factor. Check out the list of common mistakes that people make with their finances courtesy of Equifax. Spending more than you earn. Consider reducing spending on nonessential expenses and consider renegotiating contracts for your monthly bills like […]

The plumber who found checks and cash inside a wall in Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston has been rewarded.  The plumber, Justin Cauley, discovered missing money in the Texas megachurch while working on a toilet on Nov. 10. After turning in the money, Houston Police said the discovery appears to be linked to a 2014 […]

The IRS has released an online form that allows people to upload their bank account information so they can get their coronavirus stimulus payments faster. Paper checks, which could take months to arrive for some people. Log on here to see if you can expedite yours by sharing information with the IRS.

With many having lost jobs or worried about losing one soon,  financial strategy is more important than ever.  Financial expert Dave Ramsey says that hope is greater than fear and is doing his part to help you make sound decisions.   For 14 days,  Dave is offering his signature class, Financial Peace for free, saying “You […]

Over the years, we have all heard the stories of how many African-Americans and others are returning home to the South or moving there in search of a better life. The lure of sleepy neighborhoods, cheaper housing, safer schools, and an all-around better lifestyle that seems to elude larger cities, is what draws people to […]

Da'dra is known for a signature sound that crosses all kinds of social boundaries.

In Mr. Griffin, GRIFF talks about the jarring experience of receiving a letter from the I.R.S.

Lynn Richardson is an author, speaker and financial expert and co-founder of Mc Lyte's Hip-Hop Sisters Foundation.

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about her long-established habit of giving. She discusses giving to the ministry at events, and recalls an event where the speaker was preaching about giving beyond where you are; giving in your faith. An example of this would be writing checks based off of what you […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF asks God to help kids cut parents some slack when it comes to giving gifts this Christmas. The items on kids’ wish lists seem to just keep getting more and more expensive, and who can realistically afford all of these fancy gadgets every year? GRIFF asks that God […]