Novant warned over 1 million customers that it may have sent their health information to Facebook.

Black Panther might be the most anticipated Marvel movie of all time, but some folks are too excited about the release the comics first motion picture film. A Facebook group called “Christians Against Black Panther Movie,” has popped up on the scene and has grown tremendously as the movie approaches. The six year old group. […]

Chance the Rapper lived streamed a police traffic stop in Chicago just in case things went "sideways."

Love What Matters shared this feel good story of a young man helping an elderly man down an escalator. Moving past appearances and differences is so needed.  We <3 this story!

President Donald Trump’s recent executive order banning people of seven majority-Muslim nations from entering the United States, has awakened opposition across the country. Silicon Valley, with it’s diverse workforce, has been pushed to the forefront of the protests. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the first major tech executive to speak out.  Zuckerburg is also founder of […]

Bishop William Murphy, is the founder of Dream Center Church of Atlanta, a Stellar award winner, and Grammy nominated producer & songwriter. He chats with Erica Campbell about his song, “Arise,” and how he was surprised by it getting nominated for a Grammy. Plus, he recalls what happened the last time he got nominated for […]

One Bernie Sanders supporter did his shade duty this week by leaving a female motorist stuck in the snow because she's a Donald Trump fan.

The legendary Shirley Caesar tells Erica Campbell & GRIFF about how she found out that a remix of her “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes” recording went viral on social media as the #UNameItChallenge. She talks about how happy she is that, as a result of its sweep of social media, young people will be introduced to […]

Facebook has a new self-service advertising portal that is raising eyebrows. The portal allows for targeting specific demographic profiles and as such, reportedly allows advertisers to exclude users based on race. In one section of the portal, advertisers have the ability to include or exclude segments of the user-base based on several factors, including “ethnic affinity” […]

Prince's passing back in April affected the lives of many – especially those who knew and loved him most.

If you’ve been using Facebook to back-up your iPhone pics to a private album, your precious archive could be in jeopardy. Unless you migrate to the new Moments app by July 7, all photos automatically synced from your device will be erased. If you don’t use Facebook’s Photosync Option, your pics won’t be affected.The following instructions will save you […]

A new report says schools are accepting technology from companies that are data mining students. The researchers say students are vulnerable to privacy violations and harmful marketing.