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Source: getty images / Getty Images

If you’ve been using Facebook to back-up your iPhone pics to a private album, your precious archive could be in jeopardy. Unless you migrate to the new Moments app by July 7, all photos automatically synced from your device will be erased. If you don’t use Facebook’s Photosync Option, your pics won’t be affected.The following instructions will save you from losing your 27,542 selfies.

  1. Open Facebook on your computer and go to your profile.
  2. Click the Photos tab and open the album labeled Synced From Phone.
  3. Click the photos you’d like to rescue from being deleted, choose Options and hit Download.

What to do if there really are tens of thousands of pics that need saving?

You can download everything at once by going to the Synced From Phone album and clicking the link to download everything at once. It will save as a zip file.