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Tips for Maintaining your Mental Health During Winter

Here are some ways to reduce stress caused by the holidays.

Here are some simple ways to relieve stress.

Aug. 8th is National Happiness Happens Day.

Not maintaining consistent eating times can lead to poor mental health, including depression and anxiety, cardio-metabolic diseases and weight gain, according to Medical Xpress. A doctoral student in the field of neuropsychiatry and a psychiatrist focusing on nutrition and mood disorders found that eating rhythms can be used to limit negative moods and increase mental […]

A recent poll shows that some Pastors of Black and Latino congregations feel ill-equipped, not adequately prepared and not properly trained to address mental health care.  “Where Would You Go? Race, Religion, and the Limits of Pastor Mental Health Care in Black and Latino Congregations is a study published in the Journal, Religions. Parishioners said […]

Rep. Carla Cunningham of the 106th District in the North Carolina House of Representatives, Joan Been, President and CEO of Living Waters, Inc. and Dr. Sonyia C. Richardson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Educator and Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte have all dedicated years advocating for mental health and awareness.  Whether in the state legislature, classroom […]

The focus on Mental Health is critically important if, as a nation we’re going to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness. Despite the millions of dollars allocated to treatment mental illness, it’s the stigma of having depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and the myriad of mental challenges that undermine treatment efforts.  For decades however, Monarch […]

Certain everyday situations have huge potential for causing stress. But by being organized and easing up on self-imposed time pressures, you can dodge these situations and skip the stress. Sometimes, stressful situations occur because we let them — once you allow stress get to you, tension and anxiety can mount very quickly. Here are some […]