Google introduced its Grow with Google Career Readiness for Reentry program in April 2021.  The program is a collaboration with non profits to offer job readiness and digital skills training for formerly incarcerated individuals.  Earlier this month, Google announced its Grow with Google for Justice-Impacted Communities, which provides a fund to assist organizations that provide […]

He crashed a 5th grade class of computer science students to announce that Google would be investing in them.

BuzzFeed News is reporting that Google has allows advertisers to reach people by searching racist and bigoted terms.  Google has reportedly removed several of the keywords after reporters brought the issue to their attention, saying “This violates our policies against derogatory speech and we have removed it.”

Google establishes a training space on its Silicon Valley campus for Howard University computer science students.

Critics are accusing Google Fiber of digital redlining, but company executives say they have it all wrong.   If you search for “three Black teenagers” in Google, the algorithm offers an array of mug shots. But if you search for “three White teenagers,” well, an assortment of images of smiling White girls and boys pops up. The awareness comes after Kabir Alli, 18, a senior at Clover Hill High School, in […]

A new report says schools are accepting technology from companies that are data mining students. The researchers say students are vulnerable to privacy violations and harmful marketing.

10th grader Akilah Johnson’s drawing was selected from 100,000 submissions for the search engine’s “Doodle 4 Google” competition. Titled “My Afrocentric Life”, Johnson designed the winning entry using just crayons, colored pencils and Sharpies. Colorful symbolism of black life – and black power – illustrate and spells out the word “Google.” Google’s Doodle competition this year was about […]

Google announced the release of free internet for residents in the West Bluff neighborhood of Kansas City - the first area wired for Google Fiber.

NewsOne’s Top 5 gives you a quick rundown of the viral stories we’re talking about today.White Male Jurors To Weigh Fate Of Cop On Trial…'s decision comes after the Mountain View, California tech giant announced plans this spring to recruit more women and people of color into one of the best paid growth industries in the nation.

Google Doodle features Chicago civil rights icon Ida B. Wells: — Chicago Sun-Times (@Suntimes) July 16, 2015 Today, Google Doodle celebrates the 135th…