For this Black History Month, we look at some Black Male R&B singers throughout history.

For this Black History Month, we shed light on notable Black female R&B singers throughout history.

Celebrating Charlotte's Black History: Dorothy Counts-Scoggins

This week for Celebrating Charlotte's Black History, we celebrate Harvey B. Gantt.

This Black History Month, we take a quick look in Gospel's Black history.

Here are some notable Black History figures that your children should know about.

Here are some family-friendly ways to celebrate Black History Month.

Celebrating Charlotte's Black History: Daniel Sanders

Celebrating Charlotte's Black history featuring Sam Mills.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation says that their program, the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund (AACHAF), distributed more than $3 million in grants to fund the protection and preservation of forty African American historic sites this year.  According to AACHAF, the fund is the largest U.S. resource dedicated to this effort. Since being […]

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has launched has launched the Preserving Black Churches Project with a donation of $20 million from the The Lily Endowment. 

A rare photo of Underground Railroad hero and 19th century abolitionist Harriet Tubman sold at a New York City auction for $162,500 Thursday.