Please share this number-988.  The number 988 is the new lifeline number to call, text or chat for anyone experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

Rep. Carla Cunningham of the 106th District in the North Carolina House of Representatives, Joan Been, President and CEO of Living Waters, Inc. and Dr. Sonyia C. Richardson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Educator and Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte have all dedicated years advocating for mental health and awareness.  Whether in the state legislature, classroom […]

Transitioning to a plant-based or vegan lifestyle presents a challenge to many people. Indeed, becoming vegan requires lots of commitment and sacrifice. Are you willing to give up eating animal flesh in exchange for a plant-based lifestyle? ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland delved into the issue with renowned Vegan Chef, Joya.  

Losing weight and being fit is a challenge for a lot of Americans.  As our nation continues to grapple with obesity, and while fast and processed foods is an American staple, eating healthy is especially difficult. Add effective marketing to the mix and you’re sure to make healthy eating an almost near impossibility.  But television […]

The focus on Mental Health is critically important if, as a nation we’re going to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness. Despite the millions of dollars allocated to treatment mental illness, it’s the stigma of having depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and the myriad of mental challenges that undermine treatment efforts.  For decades however, Monarch […]

Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.  Well over 700,000 people in the United States live with Crohns, a disease that inflames the small intestines and causes significant abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss; fatigue and other ailments.  Mitigating both the onset and symptoms of Crohns is the valiant work of health […]

We’ve all heard it before – the word depression, but do we really know what it means and how it affects men? Depression is so much more complicated than just being sad and men handle it differently than women. Clinical depression is considered an illness that affects the entire body. Researchers with Mental Health America […]

Dealing with Depression Dealing with depression can be quite challenging. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with the disorder or are living with a loved one who suffers with depression, it can take quite a toll on you and your family. That is especially true for African American men, many of whom do not seek the help […]

Still on your new year new you flow beauties? Excellent! I really believe this is your year so I wanted to let you know that…

First Lady Michelle Obama is going the extra mile to bring awareness on healthy eating. Mrs. Obama teamed up with Sesame Street’s Big Bird and…

Bring on the red roses, chocolates, strawberries and champagne. Valentine’s Day is here again and while this holiday favors the blissfully coupled this year I…