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Gary and Barber Wilder, Pastor Theo Schaffer and Khadijah Uhud

Source: Ron Holland / Ron Holland

What will it take for our nation, state and city to prioritize the life of every child – regardless of economic or social status? Whether saving a child entails making sure they’re nutritional needs are met each day or providing exceptional education, we all must do more to save the lives of our children. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES‘ host, Ron Holland talks with Inspirational and motivational speaker, Pastor Theo Schaffer of the Word of Promise Church and founder of Dream Academy; Gary and Barbara Wilder of the Perfect Provisions Mobile Soup Kitchen and Khadija Uhud, CEO of Jazzundaground International and principle organizer of next Saturday’s ‘Saving Children Saving Lives’ event. These guests and others are efforting to make sure children become our number one priority.