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By John Love Jr.


Your understanding of perfection is much more formidable than you know.

That one unfathomably deep pang of yearning is perfection.

That one gorgeous piece of the vision that arrives unabashedly is perfection.

That one lush breath that granted itself full access is perfection.

That one moment of Joy chosen joyously is perfection.

Live your moments one at a time and they’ll illuminate the pathway to the next.

Savor each as the delicacy it is and your already refined palate is enriched.

String them together and you’ve got a map/manual/blueprint to The Yummy.

Dedicate your self, schedule, space, time, relationships, energy, thoughts, feelings, actions, deeds, and dreams to the cultivation of them and you’ve stepped into the manifestation of a boundless Awesomeness.

They love to say that nobody’s perfect. I say consider the notion that your perfection is as unquestionably intact as your Unapologetic Uniqueness, Brilliant & Devastating Beauty, Blinding Luminosity, and Divinity That Knows No End.

It’s the resistance that gets in the way. It’s the disallowing that clogs up the works and distorts the experience. It’s the blockage and barricading of one’s self from the rush of Flow that infects the system and rots your experience of your own Joy…rots it to and from the heart, core, root, hip, tip, and beyond.

So get naked,

Lay yourself in the Stream of Well-Being,

And bask in the glow of how good Yes feels.

Aren’t you tired of telling yourself no? Well don’t do it ever again.

Breathe. Allow. Be Awed. Enjoy. Feel. Savor. Vibrate. Enjoy. Radiate. Enjoy.

John Love Jr. is a Charlotte-based actor, poet and meditative guide. Find him on Facebook.