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The bed is usually the largest item in the room, and if you want all eyes to gravitate towards your bed, follow these simple steps to help make your bedroom look great by making the bed the focal point in your bedroom.

1) Choose a bed with a headboard. A decorative or elaborate headboard will make your bed the focal point.  If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, you may want to make a headboard. Create a simple upholstered headboard by using farbic that matches your duvet cover or will need some plywood with cotton batting.

2) Consider other bedroom furniture to make the bed the focal point of the bedroom. An end table placed on either side of the bed can also be serve as a focal point. Why not use some mirrored end tables? They reflect light and will draw you in instantly!!!  Eye-catching table lamps are another item to further help being the central focal point of the bedroom.

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3) Take advantage of the wall behind your bed. If your headboard is flush against a wall, consider hanging artwork on that wall directly above the bed.

4) Bed linens. Use graphic or a decorative comforter on your bed. Place some decorative throw pillows on the bed and keep the bed made when not in use.

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