Make your bed everyday, regardless of how you “feel” when you wake up. It is great to add the structure to your morning, and it helps you to wake up quickly. Here are a few simple steps to make a bed, and make your room appear less cluttered and chaotic. 1) Gather Supplies Choose bed […]

Today is Valentine’s Day… let’s take a look at our bedrooms, especially if you’re expecting champagne, roses, and maybe a little something extra tonight. Ladies, you want to make sure your bedroom is ready for romance. Here are some tips from apartmenttherapy to set the mood: Declutter: A clean bedroom is the best turn-on. Keep […]

It should only take about five minutes to clean up your bedroom each morning before you leave the house. 1) Make your bed! As soon as you get out of bed, turn around and make it.  The room will instantly feel neater and cleaner. 2) Clean off the night tables. If you have books or […]

With a new college semester about to begin, and a whole new bunch of students about to call a dorm room home, it’s the perfect time to give you the inside scoop on how to decorate a dorm room, at prices college students can afford. While the dorm is only temporary, and it may seem […]

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if I could put a price tag on a good night’s sleep. This luxury mattresses from the house of E.S. Kluft & Co. takes the concept of luxury sleeping to a whole new level.

The bed is usually the largest item in the room, and if you want all eyes to gravitate towards your bed, follow these simple steps to help make your bedroom look great by making the bed the focal point in your bedroom.