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By Esih Efuru

As a parent, you pray for, think about and worry over your children every day. You poke and prod at them to make sure they have what they need. Most of the time it annoys them, but deep down inside, they know you mean well. There are also moments when children need a tangible sign of your unconditional love. My friend, Angela, committed such an act of love for one of her daughters with one simple but powerful gesture.

Angela’s daughter, Chavon, faced a situation where she experienced some hair loss. She had to cut her hair to remedy the situation. At only 7 years old, one can only imagine the internal struggle that could develop from feeling less than beautiful in a society where one’s aesthetic beauty is subject to judgment and ridicule. Chavon wasn’t pleased about losing her hair, and her mother Angela could see how the transition could affect her. She decided to commit an act of love and sacrifice.

Angela has long locs that fall near her shoulders. To help her daughter feel beautiful and proud of her new look, Angela cut her locs to sport a short afro in solidarity with Cherry, who beamed at her mom’s resemblance to her. I was humbled and touched by Angela’s willingness to see her daughter’s need and to act on her heart’s impulse. I was reminded of my own love for my daughter Judah, and the many times I’d sacrificed my own desires for her well being. How amazing it is when you know that you are loved, and when you see the proof of that love surrounding you.

I got to see Chavon’s new look a few days ago, and watched her beam with pride at her mother’s side. Every now and then I’d catch her staring at her mom’s hair and touching her own, confirming her worth and beauty through love. I thought of the many times when I wondered if God loved me and if God heard my heart and saw my needs. Time after time, God confirmed for me, through my blessings, of how much I was loved and how he acted on his heart’s impulse. My proof is in the new mercies I’m given every day.

We can’t imagine all of the sacrifices made on our behalf. Even if we knew, we’d never comprehend the magnitude of them. The 23rd Psalms is a great reminder of how God finds ways to show us love and to enhance our human experience. A mother acted on her heart’s impulse and brightened her daughter’s heart. God acted on his heart’s impulse when sending us Jesus, and changed the entire meaning of true love. I can’t help but love the Lord for that amazing sacrifice. Imagine how rewarding life would be if we walked in the power of God’s impulsive actions on our behalf. We would be as jubilant as young Chavon, staring at life with new courage and faith. Angela’s love for her daughter was enough to lead her heart to the sacrifice. The same is true for us as God’s beloved creations. When it comes to our soul care, who and what we are does not matter to God; the fact that God loves us is enough.

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