By Esih Efuru It is the eye of the storm that is most horrific. It is also in the eye of the storm that God’s voice rings the loudest. It the storm that produces life’s most amazing miracles. A storm not only ceases over time, it also leaves behind the essence of matter, those things […]

By Isai Efuru The Path Worth Traveling   Life is designed to grant us the joy, relief, satisfaction and love that we seek. More often than not, when we don’t see, get or hear what we want, we create statues of limitation that we expect to give us life. We grow further and further away […]

By Esih Efuru The universe has already created a timeline for success within each of us. Life comes along to assist us in shifting our perspective to expectancy. Expect the great, as Johnathan Nelson and Purpose sing so emphatically. If you believe yourself to be great, then everything in and around you should reflect that […]

By Esih Efuru I admire how life springs forth from the soil and the roots of trees, and marvel at how God uses water, time and the elements to create such natural beauty. When my daughter’s music and arts camp gave each child a handful of seeds to plant at the beginning of the 6-week […]

BY Esih Efuru I attended an expo this weekend that featured a variety of vendors and diverse performers. As I greeted familiar faces and introduced myself to new ones, I checked out the various singers and poets doing their thing on stage. Most of them did a great job and received a great response from […]

By Esih Efuru I came to Charlotte, N.C. from my hometown of New Jersey with my 1 year-old daughter, my stereo and a small collection of books and shoes. God revealed to me that it was time to move on, and leaving everything I knew was the way he needed me to start. The only […]

By Esih Efuru On my way home a few weeks ago, I reflected on a recent trip to the doctor’s office, where I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, a condition impacting the uterus. Consequently, I would need a hysterectomy, considering my extremely low hemoglobin levels. Naturally, I questioned God’s motives and wanted to know why I […]

My one pillar of refuge as a depressed and trauma-ridden teenager was the downtown library. I’d select about six or seven books, and read into the sunset. I’d skip alongside characters as they found lost love and said their goodbyes to dying grandmas. During one of my visits, I decided to depart from my daily […]

By Esih Efuru My daily routine of preparation used to involve avoiding the mirror. I’d pick out clothing, accessories, and take a mental snapshot of the ensemble. I was sure that the coupling of fabrics and style would win all onlookers over. After all, I also had beauty and talent as enhancers. The problem was […]

By Esih Efuru I had a habit of walking with my head down to the ground as a young girl. I just didn’t see anything worth looking up at during those tumultuous years. As I grew older, I shifted my focus to my hands, still not interested in people’s faces or goings on. There just […]

This weekend, I engaged in the most arduous task of sifting through my wardrobe closet. The annual, or in my case, the quarterly ritual of “spring-cleaning” was underway. I would keep my favorite pieces, toss those that were frayed, and donate those that I fell out of love with. As I gave God thanks for […]

By Esih Efuru I spent my eighth grade afternoons immersed in “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.” My eighth grade teacher, Ms. Lela Lynch, thought I would enjoy his story and loaned me her copy. Later, at night, I would dream of a life that was exciting enough to write about. I would even dare myself […]