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Dr. Ian K. Smith

Source: Ian K. Smith, MD / Ron Holland

Losing weight and being fit is a challenge for a lot of Americans.  As our nation continues to grapple with obesity, and while fast and processed foods is an American staple, eating healthy is especially difficult. Add effective marketing to the mix and you’re sure to make healthy eating an almost near impossibility.  But television personality and New York Times Best Selling author, Dr. Ian K. Smith has an alternative.  The Co-host and  Medical Contributor of the nationally syndicated television show,  The Rachel Ray Show and author of Shred Diet books believes his new book, ‘CLEAN & LEAN: 30 Days, 30 Foods, a New You!’ can make a significant contribution to weight loss and fitness goals. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland talked with Dr. Ian Smith about his new book and a 30 day diet plan that can help you lose up to 15 lbs.