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Source: LOGAN CYRUS / Getty

Hurricane Florence is in the process of steering towards the Carolinas. Models are depicting a very interesting scenario resulting in the dreaded stall over the Carolinas. The location of this stall is a matter that is still quite uncertain at the current time.

There have been some relatively significant changes in track over the past 24 hours

The wind field of Florence will also continue to expand as it approaches landfall, and impacts will be felt far away from the center of the storm.

A threat that needs to be highlighted specifically is heavy rainfall and flooding – the potential for significant rainfall from the end of this work week into early next week certainly exists due to the possible stall.

This stall could produce catastrophic flooding over parts of North Carolina and the Virginias. Uncertainty is especially great in this part of the forecast after Florence moves inland, and though we cannot narrow down exactly where the heaviest rain will fall just yet, awareness of the forecast is extremely vital.

Adjustments to rainfall totals over the next few days could be significant and should be monitored closely.

Despite continued uncertainty in the track and timing details, the overall potential impact of Florence in our area has changed little.