Hospital beds and health care systems across North Carolina are overwhelmed due to COVID and this is trickling into emergency services – EMTs and ambulances.  The medic workforce, like other healthcare personnel, is stretched thin and with mandatory overtime many first responders are tired. To address this alarming issue, state officials have requested help from […]

Apparently, a U.S. territory full of fellow citizens isn't worth not even one month of Trump's time.

A museum will also go alongside the memorial to trace the country's history from slavery to present day. The structure is slated to open in April 2017.

Gov. Rick Snyder requested the president declare a federal emergency on Thursday after nearly exhausting all efforts to prevent residents from cooking, drinking, and bathing using the lead-filled water.

A microscope has returned to New Orleans – the city forever changed ten years ago by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The category five hurricane began…

The bidding war for where the Obama library, museum, and presidential center will be built has come to an end. The library will be built…