Braxton Family Values

Tamar Braxton tapped into her own family issues for her new single “My Man.” If you saw Lifetime’s Toni Braxton biopic, Unbreak My Heart, you will remember the scene were Evelyn Braxton found out her husband was cheating. We all saw Evelyn‘s rage about the affair, but Tamar has put her thoughts and emotions to […]

The last time we saw the lovely ladies of the Braxton family on our TV screens was in August 2016, although it has seemed like forever. So much has happened in their lives since then, especially for baby sis Tamar and oldest sister Toni. However, nothing can prepare you for the downright explosive full-length trailer […]

Tamar Braxton is having a very rough week…actually she’s having a rough year. By now, you’ve no doubt heard the recent rumors regarding her and her husband/manager Vince, but as seen on tonight’s season finale of Braxton Family Values, Tamar also has to deal with all of her sisters ganging up on her once again. […]

The Braxtons sang down for their recent performance on “The Real.” There are few things that sound more heavenly than when the Braxtons harmonize. To promote their album “Braxton Family Christmas,” Toni, Trina, Traci, Towanda and Tamar gathered together to sing their stirring rendition of “Mary Did You Know.” While the Braxtons will bust out […]

Nearly week after serious health problems sidelined her on Dancing With The Stars, Tamar Braxton is getting back to her old self. The Tamar & Vince star was clearly feeling much better when she announced to her fans that she’s leaving the hospital. She was so excited that she had to hit a high note […]

Bishop T.D. Jakes made a guest appearance on Braxton Family Values last week. Helping siblings Towanda, Toni, Tamar, Traci and Trina work through some very deep seated issues that have plagued them on and off the show. Calling the sisters “spoiled” and “a disgrace”, Jakes used a tough hand to chastise them, in hopes for […]

In the new clip, Towanda, Trina and Traci decide to relocate to Los Angeles to be closer to Tamar and Toni so they can finally…

Many of us came to know the name Tamar through the popular WEtv series Braxton Family Values.  On the show, Tamar is the youngest of the Braxton clan known for her outrageous personality and behavior.  She’s the original .com, .org, .net girl.  While we are all entertained by Tamar’s antics, there is a softer side […]

Evelyn Braxton grew up in South Carolina with several brothers and sisters. At the age of 13 she experienced a life-change when she moved to…

Toni Braxton is blaming her illness as the major cause of her bankruptcy. During a recent visit to Rob Shuter’s HDNet show “Naughty But Nice,” Braxton briefly discussed the many rumors revolving her financial woes and the toll her health problems have taken on her bank account. “Well, everyone always associates me with financial issues […]