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Many of us came to know the name Tamar through the popular WEtv series Braxton Family Values.  On the show, Tamar is the youngest of the Braxton clan known for her outrageous personality and behavior.  She’s the original .com, .org, .net girl.  While we are all entertained by Tamar’s antics, there is a softer side to the Get Yo Life girl … and a Biblical perspective.

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On the show Tamar showed us that she is extremely family-oriented.  While this may seem to contradict the self-absorbed material girl that we see all the time, it is right in line with the Biblical person for which she was named.

In Genesis Chapter 38 we are introduced to Tamar, daughter-in-law of Judah.  In the text we learn that Tamar is married to Judah’s oldest son.  Tamar and the son bear no children together because God sees him as evil and kills him.  Judah offers his next oldest son to Tamar.  The goal was for Tamar to bear children with the second eldest son.  The son refused to get Tamar pregnant because the kids born from the pregnancy wouldn’t be his.

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Side note: It was old tradition for a brother to do this for his brother. The kids born from the marriage would still be considered the brother’s children and the children would receive the brother’s inheritance.

God saw the brother’s actions as evil and killed him.  After losing two sons, Judah sent Tamar to live as a widow at her father’s house with a promise to send his youngest son to her to bear children with when he was of age.

Tamar suspected that Judah would not send the youngest son, but she was committed to bearing children to carry on the family name and receive her first husband’s inheritance. Tamar tricked Judah into getting her pregnant.

While many may see this as a sin – and it was – the means justified the end in a way.  The moral to this story is that faithfulness to family obligations is important.  This is something that we witness with Tamar throughout the show.

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So, while we may not have known it, Tamar Braxton taught us a Biblical lesson … and we came to know Tamar Braxton and Tamar, Judah’s daughter-in-law as women who love their families and will go to any extent to maintain their faithfulness to them.

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