Read how one man's self-destructive lifestyle helped him find God.

Temperatures are getting warmer and days are getting longer - change is in the air. Translate that change into simple, new decor for your home.

Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too?" is another great addition to the TP movie collection. Like most of Perry's movies WDIGM2 offers viewers strong messages on relationships, self-realization and love.

A look back at Holy Week with celebrations from around the world.

VIA BLACK CHRISTIAN NEWS President Obama and his family are worshiping this Easter Sunday at Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a 2,500-member congregation in the poorest section of the nation’s capital. White House officials said that Allen Chapel, in Southeast Washington, was selected because the church has more than 50 programs that reach deep […]

VIA CNN Princeton, New Jersey — All around the world last weekend, Christians celebrated Easter. For them, this holiest of days announced that death does not have the final word and that eternal life awaits those who would just believe. Sunday also marked the anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. Forty-two years […]

Tiger Woods held his first press conference where he accepted questions from reporters today. The press conference was held live at the Augusta National Golf Club and was given before Tiger makes his official return to the Masters on Thursday.

Ladies, before you start pining over phantom phone calls and missed dates, consider some hilarious tips from

How Sweet the Sound™, a Verizon experience, is back for 2010, and has added Charlotte to its tour cities. The search for the Best Church Choir in America is currently hosting online registration is open. So, get your choir ready, and show us your best!

Richard T. Jones has been in everything from "Judging Amy," "NYPD Blue," "Dangerous Minds," "The Wood," "Girlfrirends," and more recently Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too."

When I became a mom, I realized the calories in those Easter treats were not worth the gym time to work them off. I also learned that I could create a basket for my kids that would be well received, and also better for them.

When he needs a little inspiration in the mornings, President Obama revealed that all he has to do is read the daily prayer emailed to him from pastors around America. 'It's a wonderful thing,' the president said of his hi-tech devotionals.