The documentary film, ‘What the Health’ is encouraging many Americans to radically change their food consumption. Whether it’s completely giving up meat and dairy products for a vegan lifestyle or curtailing the amount of processed foods Americans eat, ‘What the Health’ like many other films addressing the American diet is causing a shift toward healthier […]

In our final installment of our 2016 Black History Month series, ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ focuses on African empires and kingdoms. It’s often emphasized that Egypt was the premiere empire during and subsequent Antiquity. What isn’t often discussed is the bevy of other wealthy empires on the African continent that had a sturdy hold on trade, commerce […]

In honor of Black History Month, ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ is featuring a three-part series on the enormous contributions African Americans and Africans of the Diaspora has had on the nation and world. In Part I of our series, we’re focusing on the slave rebellion of Nat Turner. The new film, ‘Birth of a Nation, starring and […]

We are praying with the family and friends of the late Bishop Eddie Long, and of course with his church family.  We are remembering his last visit to the Praise studios in 2015 and his inspiring words about dreaming and hope. Take a listen!

Emory Shaw Campbell has a long and distinguished career in education. Most notably, Campbell as Cultural Chief Executive and author served as the Director of Community Service Education at the Beaufort-Jasper Comprehensive Health Services in Ridgeland, South Carolina for ten years before becoming Director of the Penn Center on St. Helena Island in 1980. But […]

Shaun Corbett has a passion for helping the youth of our community. As the owner of ‘Da Lucky Spot Barbershop,’ Corbett opens the doors to his business as well as his heart to ensure resources are available to children in need. Six years ago, he started a back-to-school book bag giveaway to provide students with […]

In the wake of the shooting massacre at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida in which 49 people were killed and over 50 people injured, the gun control debate is once again in the headlines. Two of the 49 victims killed in the Orlando shooting were from North Carolina, Shane Tomlinson, 33, of Greenville and  […]

In Part 2 of our discussion of Mental Health, we’re tackling the stigma associated with having a disorder.  In the wake of one of the worse massacres in our nation’s history, the subject of mental health disorder is once again front and center.  Why as a nation we continue to short change meaningful efforts to […]

In wake of the recent shooting massacre in Orlando, Fl. where 49 people were killed and over 50 people wounded, survivors of the attack will wrestle with a lasting trauma.  As is always the case with these shooting massacres, questions arise about the challenges of mental health and disorder.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, explores […]

How do you navigate through the vitally important, but oft-times cynical maze of media? With so many outlets, perspectives, opinions; stereotypes and innovations, it’s enough for adults to be weighed down with information from so many directions. Just imagine the challenge young people face when wading through tons of platforms and sources offering news and […]

There are a bevy of roadblocks former inmates face that too often hamper their ability to succeed outside the walls of prison. For example, job interviews and opportunities are undermined because of the stigma associated with being a former prisoner or the “conviction” box is a neon sign on a job application. The Exodus Foundation […]

Discussions on mental health usually don’t make national headlines until a tragic event occurs. Although our nation spends millions of dollars both treating mental health disorders and educating the public about an issue that impacts millions of families, many people with mental disorder are still suffering in silence. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, talked with […]