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Fonda Bryant

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Barjohn Lee

Source: Courtesy of Barjohn Lee / Courtesy of Barjohn Lee

In Part 2 of our discussion of Mental Health, we’re tackling the stigma associated with having a disorder.  In the wake of one of the worse massacres in our nation’s history, the subject of mental health disorder is once again front and center.  Why as a nation we continue to short change meaningful efforts to address this issue in a more robust fashion is not only puzzling, it’s extremely disappointing – especially given the climate of violence that is so pervasive in many parts of our country. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, has a very honest discussion about the issue with Fonda Bryant, Social Coordinator for Charlotte’s branch of the National Alliance on Mental Health. Also joining the conversation is Barjohn Lee, Founder and President of ‘I Am Solid She, Inc.,’ a Non-Profit mental health peer support organization that promotes mental wellness for teen girls and women.