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It’s the holiday season; the time of year we look forward to so we can fellowship with family and let’s be honest – EAT! There are many studies that show people gain weight during the holiday season. While the exact amount of weight is debated by these many studies, the fact remains that we give ourselves a pass to cheat on our diet during the holiday season. For many this cheat time is warranted, but with so many African Americans suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, cheating on your diet could be dangerous. So, how can we enjoy the food of the holiday season without sacrificing our health? This is the question we will explore this week with Jasiatic.

Born and raised in Charlotte, Jasiatic has lived a plant-based lifestyle for the better part of 20 years. After earning a degree in Africana Studies from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, she began working in and out of health food stores and vegan kitchens. Today she is both a plant-based food coach and a vegan chef.

As a mother of three vegan/vegetarian children, she is a self-deemed cultural food enthusiast and thrives in showing people how to eat clean.

Using her passion for global foods, as well as her experiences working in the health food market, Jasiatic helps people of color and underserved communities learn how to gain access, prepare and palate foods that have been made largely unavailable to them.

To be clear that Jasiatic is not a medical professional, and is not giving medical advice. She is simply sharing information that has been proven helpful to herself and her clients.