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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

Source: Al Drago / Getty

Governor Pat McCrory and Democratic candidate Roy Cooper State squared off tonight about everything from Republican nominee Donald Trump’s comments about women to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

On HB972 (Releasing Police Camera Footage)

McCrory: We need to balance the public interests, we also need to balance the constitutional rights of those being investigating. I think it’s a perfect law. We had no rules before.

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Cooper: There are so many communities out there who feel targeted. They yearn for respect. What we need is a governor who is going to make sure they have that mutual respect. Part of that mutual respect is transparency. We need to make sure the community trusts what law enforcement is doing. The records and these videotapes should be open. The more transparency we have the more respect you develop.

What does Black Lives Matter mean to you?

Cooper: It’s a statement that is true. What we need to do is to make sure we continue this effort to understand that many communities of color feel targeted. They feel discriminated against what they want to be is heard and what they want to be is respected. There are many in law enforcement that would absolutely agree that this is something that we have to do.

McCrory: All lives should matter. We should value every single human life. We do have to recognize the anger that communities have within, how they interact with law enfacement. At the same time, we’ve got to recognize the pressure of police officers who everyday leave their families not knowing if they’re coming back.

Does Implicit Bias Exist?

Cooper: Police definitely need more training. All of us have bias that sometimes conflicts with our jobs. We also need to emphasize community policing.

McCrory:  There’s bias in all of us. It’s not necessarily always racial bias. There might be bias in how we dress, how we look, the environment that we might be in. Those are tools that police use to determine what action to take. We need more training for police officers. We always need more training.”


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