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The families of victims of police brutality, community...

Source: Pacific Press / Getty

Pat McCrory doesn’t get it. During his debate with Democratic candidate Roy Cooper,  McCrory quote Martin Luther King Jr and then went on to say “All lives should matter. We should value every single human life.”

The comment underscores the disconnect between people who vilify Black Lives Matter and those who seek to understand the movement.

McCrory went on to say “We do have to recognize the anger that communities have within how they interact with law enfacement. At the same time, we’ve got to recognize the pressure of police officers who everyday leave their families not knowing if they’re coming back.”

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McCrory didn’t mention the pressure that black men face wondering if every encounter with the law enforcement will end in their death. And that’s why McCrory and so many others just don’t get it nor do they want to. It’s easier to vilify the movement than it is to confront the real problem.

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