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Jekalyn Carr

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Fans, peers, bloggers and the industry alike are all mesmerized by the unveiling of Jekalyn Carr’s CD cover for her forthcoming release, The Life Project.

On Wednesday, January 6th, Jekalyn Carr unceremoniously revealed the cover artwork for her forthcoming CD release, The Life Project, to rave reviews. The cover shows Carr, resplendent in all white and visibly more mature than on her previous two releases, standing confidently as a bright light shines from behind her, as if illuminating the path ahead. The cover appears to be art imitating life, with Carr’s stance representing the bold assurance that she manifests while ministering, and the light shining from behind her representing the apparent power and anointing of God in her life. Gone are the pigtails and childlike curls that captured the hearts of Gospel music fans everywhere. Instead, Carr is sporting a sleeker, more sophisticated appearance which beautifully foreshadows the woman she is becoming before our very eyes.

In less than 24 hours, the CD cover has amassed nearly 11,000 “likes” and 200+ comments on Facebook, and over 2000 combined “likes” and scores of comments on Instagram. The CD cover was also shared on Instagram by dozens, including some of the most referenced Gospel digital and social media resources, as well as by some of Carr’s esteemed artist colleagues including Erica Campbell and Keyondra Lockett (of Ziel), all boasting their excitement and anticipation for The Life Project.

If the reaction to the CD cover is any indication of what the response will be to the music, upon its Spring 2016 release, The Life Project is poised to be another release through which God uses Carr to reach and bless the masses.

What Jekalyn’s Fans Are Saying on Facebook:

“U better represent!!!! I love the stylish look…While being conservative and holy at the same time…You are such a great representative for Christ, being a young evangelist!!!” – Paulette M.

· “Yes Jekalyn! This album cover is EVERYTHING & I can’t wait for the album to drop!” – Risha B.

“Beautiful angel. This album cover has an anointing beaming all off of it.” – Chaka R.

“You are radiating the light of God.” – Adaobi I.

· “Love this pic. Keep shining bright in this dark world & keep letting God use you!” – Cassandra A.

· “Beautiful cover for a beautiful woman of God!” – Lachanthia H.

· “Wow, the cover alone!!!” – Sean E.

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