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Upon arriving in Samaria, Philip encounters Simon the Sorcerer who is mesmerizing a large crowd with his amazing slight of hand. Philip knows where true power lies though, and in Jesus’ Holy name, heals a sick woman. Soon an entire crowd begins to believe in Jesus and the existence of true miracles!

We don’t know a lot about Philip. We do know Philip the evangelist was one of seven men (including Stephen who we know is the first maytr) chosen by the apostles to oversee the distribution of food to Jewish widows in Jerusalem (Acts 6:1-3).Philip to Samaria (Acts 8:4) where he preached, did miraculous works, cast out evil spirits, and healed the sick.

This week’s episode brings a challenging subject to  Christians. Can we heal? Are we able to heal? According to most faiths a believer accesses the grace of Jesus Christ by faith [Romans 5:2]. The believer receives God’s healing power through confidence in the grace provided by Jesus Christ [Matthew 9:28].  If you are like me, you wonder could you  really heal if pushed into absolute prayer and submission?  What  do you say?

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