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The mother of Michael T. Slager, the former North Charleston police officer charged with murder in the death of South Carolina man Walter Scott, said she’s “in denial” about the shooting in an interview with ABC News.

Breaking her silence, Karen Sharpe said that her 33-year-old son loved being a police officer, adding that he “would not do something purposeful” that would interfere with helping his wife, who is expecting a baby. She has not watched the video of Scott’s death, she told ABC.

“I just can’t,” Sharpe said. “Maybe to some people, ‘Well, you’re being in denial,’ but I’m sorry I just can’t. I just I know how Michael is.”

“He has a little baby on the way, due next month, and they worked so hard for this baby,” Sharpe said. “I know he would go to all the appointments, all the OB appointments, and he had to miss it today. She was just so sad because he was not there and I know that he would not do something purposeful to not be able to be with his wife during the delivery. They just tried so hard for this.”

Sharpe also told ABC News that her life will “never be the same again,” adding that she does not want to think about how much time her son will spend in jail should he be convicted. She also does not believe the shooting is “a racial thing.”

“I just have to let it be and hope God takes care of everybody involved — not only my family but the Scott’s family — because I know they’re grieving just like I’m grieving,” she said. “Nobody likes to see their child sitting in prison,” Sharpe said. “You don’t think it is something that will ever happen to you, but I have to just believe that… I just have to believe that everything will work out.”

Slager was arrested and charged with murder Tuesday after video emerged of him shooting at Scott’s back eight times, killing him. In the video, captured by a bystander, it appears Slager drops an object by Scott’s lifeless body. Many speculate the object is a Taser Slager claims Scott grabbed from him, which in turn made him “fear for his life.”

The officer initially pulled Scott’s vehicle over due to a broken brake light. In a newly released video, Scott appears to stop, get out of the car, and flee from Slager. Video taken by the bystander reveals what happened during that tragic chase.

In the interview, Slager’s mother said she’s praying for the Scott family. “I know there are changes in both their family and my family … and that’s the part that bothers me. They’ve changed forever.”

Slager has yet to enter a plea. We’ll keep you updated with the latest in this case.



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