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Jokes and pranks are common on April Fools’ Day, but when they’re tied to race, that’s crossing the line. The Cavalier Daily, an independent student newspaper at the University of Virginia, came under fire after they published an April Fools’ edition with a front page headline that read “ABC agents tackle Native American student outside Bodo’s Bagels.” There have been recent incidents related to police brutality on the institution’s campus, including one involving UVA student Martese Johnson, who was violently injured by police. The Black Student Alliance at UVA criticized the publication, claiming that the story was insensitive. “Not only did @cavalierdaily re-victimize Martese in this tactless article, they also victimized the entire Native American population,” they tweeted. Read more.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Learned Racist Chant Four Years Ago

Fraternities are supposed to be about brotherhood and positivity, but a number of frats are making headlines for spurring negativity. Members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma found themselves in hot water after they chanted racist remarks last month and now, University President David Boren shared that the members learned the chant at a national Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity event four years ago. “The chant was learned by local chapter members while attending a national leadership cruise sponsored by the national SAE organizations four years ago,” he said in his statement. “While there is no indication that the chant was part of the formal teaching of the national organization, it does appear that the chant was widely known and informally shared amongst members on the leadership cruise.” Read more.

Advocate for Rosewood Reparations Dies at 72

Arnett Doctor, a man who played an integral role in helping victims of the Rosewood attacks get reparations, has died. Doctor helped bring the Rosewood compensation law to fruition 21 years ago, getting justice for those who lost their lives and their property during the massacre in 1923. “He was the one who created the narrative, who gathered the facts and said those facts entitle us to reparation,” said Steve Hanlon, a law professor at St. Louis University. Mr. Doctor died at his home in Spring Hill. He was 72. Read more.


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