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There is no place where we may not pray. God is as accessible to us on the street, in the desert, in the midst of a great storm at sea, or in the most debased spot of the earth—as He is in our own sacred closet of prayer, in a consecrated building, or at the Lord’s table. “Pray without ceasing.”

The Sr. Pastor of Perfecting Faith Church and Founder of the NY Call, Donnie McClurkin, has invited  all local pastors and their churches, along with civic leaders, pertinent organizations, politicians and government officials to meet for prayer/rally. McClurkin will host prayer gathering at Perfecting Church on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 7pm/ET 1with other faith leaders to storm the heavens with prayer.

Donnie says:

“I believe that the church body should not be a spectator, but a participant and leader in dealing with such issues as the recent verdict announced. This is a time for the church to unite and raise their voices to God in prayer,” says McClurkin.

The goal is for leaders and their churches to come together, receive instruction and strategic steps through prayer, that will bring hope and possible resolve to the hearts of people in the community and globally.

You, yes you dear reader can participate by pausing for a moment tonight at 7pm and join their prayer.

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Check out our video with Donnie McClurkin below:

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