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Foundation is, well, the foundation of any makeup routine (pun intended) The color and finish of your foundation can really make or break your look. Some tell you to use your hand to figure out which shade is best while others say use your chin. Read on to check out my take on these theories and more.

Your Hand

Your hand is not the best place to test foundation. Your hands are usually darker then your face and wont help you choose the proper shade.

Your Jawline

Using your jawline to choose foundation will ensure that your face matches your neck, but you run the risk of going too dark. Usually, the area around the perimeter of the face is darker than the middle of the face so pulling the darker color across the face may make your complexion darker.

My Pick: The middle of the face

When I’m testing a foundation shade, I apply a tiny amount right in the middle of the forehead. I go for a shade that matches the brighter tone in the face and blend that shade out. A process called oxidation takes place whenever you wear your makeup. What that means is the oils in your skin mix in with the foundation and make it darker.

By opting for a brighter shade to begin with, the oxidation process simply warms the shade instead of making it darker.

How do you select your foundation shade? Chime in below.

Contributed by Danielle Lewis Beauty

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