Can We Eat, Drink & Be Beautiful?

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Is it true that we can eat, drink and be beautiful? I fully support the general idea that beauty begins within and the things we put into our bodies can and will ultimately affect skin. After all, skin is the largest organ of the body and organ health is always affected by nutrition. The real question is .. Is that enough? Can you cause beauty simply by using a Nutriceutical or Nutricosmetic? As unconventional as it sounds, I found that most ingestible beauty products make specific claims I’m not sure we can prove. Consumers flock at the possibility that they can harness the power of the proverbial fountain of youth for a few dollars. This unregulated sector of the beauty industry  generates over $50 million in the US alone. My research revealed the following:

Glo by Agel: claims to use special nutrients to enhance and hydrate skin in a gel suspension. Personally, I couldn’t get past the thick consistency or the taste of  this product so, I cannot vouch for any specific result.

Glisodin: Skin Nutrients that come in four unique formulas formulated by dermatologists & Paula Simpson noted fitness expert, nutritionist.

  • Advanced Daily to promote hydration and elasticity.
  • Advanced Detox Formula releases toxins accumulated over time from the liver, skin and kidney resulting in blemish free clear skin.
  • Advanced Pre Post Formula Phase I reduce recovery time and enhance results of laser hair removal, leg vein treatment, fillers and injectables. Phase II supports the wound healing process and recovery after plastic surgery. Costs range from $80 and $125 per box about a thirty-day supply.
  • Advanced brightening Formula for even skin tone reduced hyper pigmentation and protection from UV damage.
  • Glisodin is designed to support the skin health, beauty, and esthetic medical or surgical procedures. The foundational ingredient is a  patented genetically engineered melon extract. I mixed the Detox formula powder with distilled water for about a month and noticed a definite result. My skin was hydrated, I lost a few pounds and my digestive system was quite regular.  However, I didn’t care much for the taste.

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    Pure Invention comes in a dropper bottle so you can spike your water with extracts. The seven different formulas deliver doses of green tea, blueberry & white tea, cranberry with elderberry, pomegranate & acai and finally cocoa. They taste great and in the 8oz glass; you get no calories, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, preservatives, gluten or alcohol.  Not bad! The benefits… cell rejuvenation, a boost in brain function, remedy for anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, and healthy skin.

    The jury is still out on the long term effects of the nutricosmetic but, I believe this is a trend that is here to stay.

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