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From June 1 through Nov. 30 each year, the coastal United States comes under threat from the ferocious winds and floodwaters of the hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean basin. Hurricane Katrina, Sandy and Ike are amongst the most memorable of recent times.

One thing that all three of these hurricanes have in common is devastation. The sad reality is that devastation touches most parts of the victim’s life, whether it is housing, transportation, employment and even the loss of loved ones.

Life devastation is not limited to the arrival of a hurricane in your area, but life itself can deliver devastation that can leave you facing the loss of some of the same things described during natural disasters.

Everyday life can deliver a blow that can leave you feeling dazed and confused, unclear about next steps. The truth is, the loss of jobs, marriages and finances, just to name a few, are at an all-time high in recent years.

I love what Ephesians 1:22 has to say on the subject of starting over, “And hath put all things under his feet and gave him to be the head over all things to the church.”

Put those challenging circumstances under your feet and stomp them out. Remember you are the head and not the tail. There is absolutely nothing that can be done about what has happened. No matter how difficult your circumstances are, forward is the only option.

Imagine driving your car looking backward; doing so will surely cause you to crash. Checking your rear view mirror is helpful to monitor oncoming traffic in order to make decisions at the wheel, but anything more than a brief check can cause a catastrophe.

Life is the same. No matter what you have been through, you cannot change what has already happened. You learn the lessons applying them to your current life in order to make necessary adjustment.

The most important thing is to keep going forward, rebuilding and trusting in the Lord’s unchanging hand.

Tanya M. Wilson is an inspirational speaker and writer living in Charlotte N.C. You can contact her on Twitter. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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