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Former Destiny’s Child singer, Michelle Williams has been a promotional tour over the last few weeks, appearing and performing the track at high profile events like Bishop TD Jakes’ MegaFest conference in Dallas and at Pastor Touré Roberts One Church International in Los Angeles.

While at Pastor Roberts’ church, the 32-year-old singer shared the challenges she faces singing Gospel music after having had success in mainstream music.

“It’s amazing how we have misconceptions about people and who they are in their walk with God. Are you saved? Aren’t you saved? You sang at the Super Bowl you can’t possibly know Jesus. I have people telling me right now that they won’t play my music because of the young ladies that I love, that I sing with. I’ve had pastors tell me that if you can tell me you won’t sing with Destiny’s Child again then we’d love to have you,” Williams shared.

The Grammy-winning entertainer confessed that though her song speaks about having God’s eyes so that you can see things the way he does, she begin to second-guess her decision to return to Gospel music because of some of the recent resistant she faced.

After praying about it, she decided to press forward despite the ignorance of some traditional church leaders.

“I know what I’m called to do,” she exclaimed. “I love Him! Sometimes our ministries are going to be so different. I thank God for the platform that I have had with Destiny’s Child because guess what; I get to tell the world about a God who loves them, about a God who saves us and about a God who loves me!”

Following her performance, Pastor Roberts had Williams return to stage along with her group member Kelly Rowland, who was also in service, and apologized to them on behalf of the church as a whole.

“When you do things like put the traditions of man before the move of God, then you’ll do things like call Jesus, Beelzebub,” he expressed. “So please forgive us for our ignorance. I decree that we’re going to be a prophetic voice in your life and we’re going to bless, and not curse, and we’re going to see the fulfillment of God’s vision in your life. Destiny’s Child was a prophetic name because there’s great destiny on your life–world changing destiny! We love you!”

‘If I Had Your Eyes’ is the first single from Williams forthcoming CD, “The Journey To Freedom,” slated to be released early 2014