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Let’s be honest. Christian television is awful. The shows either have very big families who are preacher’s kids, or wayward Angels. We see ourselves on shows such as Lexi’s interviews and Gospel music programming. It’s just not imaginative at all. Regardless of who’s at the helm, the formula hasn’t changed much. From Jim and Tammy to Paul and Jan to Marcus and Joni to Rory and Wendy, Christian TV is pretty much the same — somebody preaching to the camera and looking for money.

I cringe at what often passes for “Christian TV.” Just ask anyone who’s watched Robert Tilton.  The standard “preaching/teaching” programming is fine, just like Sesame Street is still good for children. It’s reaching people at the lowest common denominator. It’s the status quo of what you expect.  Christians need to become imaginative and stewards of their trades if they are ever going to enjoy the wide array of choices in the same way that everyday television viewers do. Imagine if there was a show that instead of preaching and shouting at you  actually had acted out parables? People wouldn’t turn the station so fast and might be receptive.