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The WORST jobs in America (and the best)
It’s hard to believe what was once a proud profession is now called the “worst job in America,” but the trusted newspaper reporter tops the worst jobs list from Paul Gillin from CareerCast says the newspaper “will probably be gone within the next 10 years.”

Here are the 10 WORST jobs, according to CareerCast:

1. Newspaper Reporter
2. Lumberjack
3. Enlisted Military Personnel
4. Actor
5. Oil Rig Worker
6. Dairy Farmer
7. Meter Reader
8. Mail Carrier
9. Roofer
10. Flight Attendant

And now the 10 BEST jobs:

1. Actuary
2. Biomedical Engineer
3. Software Engineer
4. Audiologist
5. Financial Planner
6. Dental Hygienist
7. Occupational Therapist
8. Optometrist
9. Physical Therapist
10. Computer Systems Analyst

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