Improving your child’s study habits starts in small steps. As a teacher for over 20 years I have found that most students and parents have no method to their study life. It is made up of  homework and  “cram time”. “Cram time” does not mean that the child knows something well either.  It just means that the child is able to spit back the hours of intense study. We can all recall the all night study sessions from college. How much did we actually learn?

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Here are some steps to alleviate some pressure as finals near.

Study Every day. Cramming is stressful. When you cram you don’t learn. Anxiety will build up because of  the pressure to do well. Better to have a child be secure in what they know not nervous about what they don’t.

Organize notes in a notebook or folder. The more organized your child is, the more likely he/she will feel less scattered and unfocused.

Be supportive and understanding.  Some subjects are harder than others. Take time to find innovative ways to make the study process better with small games, and or a focus sessions. A child can learn better in small doses than at one long sitting.

Most of all get involved. An involved parent in academics helps a child strive to be the best. Take it one day at a time and you will go far.

What are the tricks in your household?

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