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Duane Litfin, former president of Wheaton College, has caused a stir amongst the christian blogosphere after an op-ed article he wrote for the  Christianity Today called “Clothing Matters: What We Wear to Church.”

Liftin takes a thoughtful approach to the idea of offering God our best, our first fruits, that which is sacrificial. Litfin also suggests that we should display an attitude of awe and reverence when we enter into communal worship. Churches traditionally have been a place in which the communities comes together without prejudice and judgement. But with fashion being a driving force in today’s society, many people think your social status depends on your outer ware.

Liftin cites Corinthians 3:16-17 and Romans 12:1 as examples of why what you where to church really doesn’t matter. “I do wish to raise a question about the notion, said Liftin, that when it comes to public worship, our clothing doesn’t matter.”

On the contrary,  Kyle Bennett from the Cardus blog, says fashion is relevant in the church because is speaks to our soul like our faith. “As Christians, we have not only a right but also a responsibility to attend to anything that claims such important territory, whether we agree with its place or not. How we respond to issues of clothing and dress can speak a great deal about our heart toward God.”

Does what you wear to church really matter when it comes to your faith in god, the church and your religion, or are we wrong to think something so materialistic as clothing should hold weight in a house of god?