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Big news spread when Houston made the trip in October to the small town of Shelby, NC to support her sister-in-law’s Teen Summit event.

Pat Houston, who is married to Houston’s brother, Gary founded the summit several years ago. Her facebook page calls the program, “A non-profit organization established in 2007 with the purpose to Rebuild, Restore and Repair the lives of Teens and Young Adults facing life challenges, and to provide the life management skills that so many of the young people lack.”

“Our mission is to reach our youth through positive productive events and activities and build lasting relationships with them that will someday reciprocate itself back into our community to build an America that helps through involvement, The Greatest Love of all is creating a Righteous World so that our children can have a future, each year I host a Fall Event in Shelby, NC to raise awareness for this cause.”

“Everybody is still in’s almost disbelief,” Pastor James Smith of Palmer Grove Baptist Church said. In past years, the summit was held at Smith’s church.

Smith says he was glad to met Whitney because to meet her he says, is to appreciate the person she was. “In that she is down to earth ..personable,” Smith said.

Pat Houston also owns a celebrity consignment shop downtown that was known to sell Whitney’s clothes. A sign in the window advertises a new line of candles inspired by the songstress. On the door, someone left a simple bouquet of flowers with a short message scribbled that said “May God Bless you and watch over you during this hard time.”