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Rihanna has  done what Chris Brown could never do. She can be violent and have no consequences. The new music video for “Man Down” depicts her being sexually assaulted by a man she met at a party. Her immediate response is the opening and ending of the video. She shoots  and kills the man on camera. If she wanted to make you uncomfortable, she succeeded. Was it necessary? No. Do you understand that no woman needs to be violated? Yes. Is this the way to do it? No!

I spoke with Liz from the Parents Television Council, who told me:

“I’m starting to see a disturbing pattern in her career path, First with the romanticism of domestic abuse with Eminem in “Love The Way You Lie”, then S&M, now we have  vigilantism. The message we are sending to our young  It’s clear that we have become desensitized  to violence on teh screen and the overs-sexual lyrics to small children. We don’t even notice.”

Read more and watch the video.